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Motorists plough into State House perimeter wall

TWO MOTORIST on Monday lost control of their vehicle and one of them rammed into the precast wall surrounding the heavily guarded State House in Harare.

A delivery truck and a Toyota Hilux double cab almost rammed into each other before the double cab went into squeezing against the walls of the State House precast boundary

The vehicles destroyed a section of the wall and were quickly surrounded by members of the Presidential Guard.

“They did not harass the drivers or beat them up though,” a witness to the midday accident told Zimbabwe Voice. “They actually checked on them both and ensured they were attended to by first aid personnel.”

This is not the first time a motorist has ploughed into the State House wall in recent memory.

In September 2015, another motorist rammed the State House wall and destroyed a section of the concrete panels. – Zimbabwe Voice

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