Chamisa’s MDC will never lead Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF official

A SENIOR Zanu-PF Women’s League official has said opposition MDC leader will never lead Zimbabwe and his supporters must join Zanu-PF and support its pro-people policies.

The women’s league political commissar Mybe Mbowa said this as she drummed up support for the ruling party candidate in next Saturday’s by-election for Zaka East, a seat which has been held by the ruling party since independence in 1980.

Zanu-PF candidate Clemence Chiduwa faces up against Dereck Charamba of the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC.

Speakimg over the weekend, Mbowa said Chamisa had made the big mistake of “befriending” Zimbabwe’s “enemy” and the people will punish him for that at every election.

“Zimbabwe will never be ruled by an opposition like that of Nelson Chamisa. They are the people’s number one enemy because they have brought untold suffering among the people when they call for sanctions and rejoice when Zimbabwe is punished.

“We also rejoice when the real povo punish the MDC outfit whenever there are elections. Zanu-PF is the only party which genuinely empowers the grass-roots and the people know that,” Chimbwanda said.

She further said Chamisa would better learn from his predecessor Morgan Tsvangirai who joined hands and worked with Zanu-PF in 2009 after realizing that there was no other way apart from unity.

“Chamisa must learn from the late Morgan Tsvangirai who realized that if you can’t beat them, join them. Tsvangirai joined us in the inclusive government in 2009 and we worked together very well.

“MDC supporters must realize that there is no future in the MDC because it will remain just an opposition party.

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“Government is aware of the problems faced by the people here in Zaka East and they are a result of sanctions brought by the MDC and which they celebrate every year,” Mbowa said.

She added that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 was right on track and would genuinely transform lives and empower communities such as Zaka East.

The Zaka East Constituency fell vacant following the death of Caston Gumbwanda on June 21.

The ruling Zanu-PF has been winning all by-elections held in rural areas since this year, and also managed to narrow down MDC victories in urban areas compared to the July 2018 elections. – Zimbabwe Voice

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