VIDEO: Chiwenga says Zimbabweans are about to be used again

CONTROVERSIAL Harare preacher Talent Chiwenga says Zimbabweans are about to be used again just like they were previously used to sanitize a military coup in November 2017.

Chiwenga’s statements come on the eve of the nationwide anti-sanctions march set for Friday.

Chiwenga says Zimbabweans are used like a door mat and a condom by politicians who would be playing their political gamesmanship.

“You were used like a condom in 2017, and you’re about to be used again. Your finger prints are all over the place when Robert Mugabe was removed from power on November 2017, and the same people who allowed you to removed Mugabe the illegal way no longer allow you to protest against them,” Chiwenga says in the video recorded from the streets of Harare.

Government has been pulling all stops to ensure that Friday’s march against the US sanctions will be a hugely attended event.

Heads of State and Government of Sadc nations in their last summit in Tanzania in August resolved that 25th October be the date the region join together in solidarity against the US sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The US government however maintains that the sanctions will only be removed if the Zimbabwe Government implements comprehensive reforms which include either returning farms taken from white former farmers or pays full compensation which amounts to an estimate of US$30 billion.

Chamisa does not understand how regional politics works

Watch the video below:


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