Sanctioned ZBC journalist speaks out

"It is not the president, myself or anyone else on the sanctions list who has much to lose when these sanctions are in place..." - Mukosi

State-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s journalist Musorowegomo Mukosi has said that he has little to lose from being on the US sanctions list, but that it is the Zimbabwean economy that is negatively impacted.

Mukosi, who was slapped with the US sanctions in 2008, says the entire SADC region is enthusiastic about the anti-sanctions day tomorrow.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with ZBC News, Mukosi said: “It is not the president, myself or anyone else on the sanctions list who has much to lose when these sanctions are in place… It is a shame there are Zimbabweans who are for sanctions yet sanctions affect all regardless of political affiliation.

“We need to educate the people. All over Africa there is so much excitement on the issue of calling for an end to the sanctions on Zimbabwe, but not so much excitement here in Zimbabwe.

“I was recently in Zambia and I could not believe the enthusiasm that these people had towards the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe yet they are not even affected directly, they are actually looking forward to the big day and this is something that Zimbabweans are failing to do for their own country.”

The popular former ZBC newscaster Mukosi last year dragged to court over a US$500 000 CBZ Bank Limited (CBZ) debt. This was after he allegedly got an overdraft of US$305,000 from the bank in 2012, but failed to pay, and the bank ended up targeting movable goods from his farm.

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Mukosi owns Subdivision 3, Dombie Estate, in Marondera, and a media consultancy business.

Other Zimbabwean journalists on the US sanctions on Zimbabwe list include Reuben Barwe and the late Judith Makwanya.

The US Government claims it perceives them to be perpetuating the suffering of the generality of Zimbabweans by violating their right and aiding those abetting the perpetrators of human rights violations.


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