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Council to demolish structures near Belvedere West

The City of Harare has warned residents who were sold residential stands on the area between the National Heroes Acre and Belvedere West that it will soon demolish those structures because they were built on land earmarked for expansion of Harare Drive.

The Council says it already has a court order authorizing it to demolish the 92 illegal structures, adding that some land developers are in the habit of fleecing unsuspecting land seekers.

A public notice issued Thursday by the City Council reads: “Dear Residents, There is a group that is fleecing residents on the area between the National Heroes Acre and Belvedere West. The group has created 92 illegal housing stands.

“That area is reserved for the extension of Harare Drive. Council has a court order to demolish illegal structures on that stretch of land.

“Buying land there is obviously a waste of resources as the structures will soon be brought down. Act now. Demand your money back.

Corporate Communications Division
City of Harare.”

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High Court gives Council go-ahead to demolish Budiriro structures

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