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Govt committed to modernise police training, operations

Government plans to set up a modern police college, as well as 21st Century police stations equipped with tools of trade such as drones, surveillance cameras, forensic laboratories and helicopters, among others.

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Cain Mathema made the remarks while officiating at the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s 36th graduation ceremony where 376 officers graduated with diplomas and certificates after completing various policing courses.

“While I am pleased that we are witnessing the 36th graduation ceremony after the establishment of the Police Staff College, it is pertinent to underscore the fact that as the flagship institution of higher learning, in the organisation, the need for it to have a more spacious site with modern infrastructure and facilities that provide a conducive environment for teaching, learning and research is long overdue.

“Government remains committed to providing the necessary wherewithal and support towards the development of a modern police college, 21st Century police stations and tools of trade such as drones, surveillance cameras and helicopters, among others,” he said.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police therefore cannot afford to move at cross purposes with the shifting sands on the contemporary policing terrain. I wish to call upon the organisation to undertake rigorous research and curriculum development with a view to ensure that the course content of the programmes being offered at the staff college speak to the demands of modern policing.

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“Simple examples of such programmes include criminology, cyber security and forensic science,” Minister Mathema said.

He said across the globe, police organisations are pioneering creative ideas, adapting to changing contexts, incorporating innovations and embracing new tools and techniques in order to deliver on their law enforcement mandate.

“The job of being a police officer is about keeping the society safe, for them to effectively do so, it is imperative that police officers are exposed to various capacity development programmes such as those offered by the Police Staff College,” he said.

“Admittedly, the 21st Century and fourth industrial revolution requires a police service that is adept and capable of grappling with a dynamic global society, the emergence of new technologies is no doubt transforming all facets of human endeavour.

“In this milieu of rapid mutations, policing has to improve in congruency with the fluid policing landscape and at the heart of policing is the enduring demand for police officers to demonstrate unparalleled dedication to communities, the utmost sense of duty and sacrifice and indeed steadfast integrity at all times.”

He urged officers to put to use relevant skills they acquired at the college and contribute in the rebranding of the force.

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