Macheso to unleash six videos this month

UNDISPUTED sungura kingpin Alick Macheso says he will not release a new album this year, but will dig into his rich archives of old songs from which he will release about six video songs.

The videos will be released later this month, just in good time for the festive season.

“We are not having a new album this year,” the celebrated bassist is quoted in the local press. “Orchestra Mberikwazvo fans will be entertained by the videos that are set to be released soon.

“We are working on videos while also working on the latest album. In terms of the videos, we will be picking tracks from our previous works since we do not have a video on the market.

“Our fans have been calling on us to give them videos for some time, so that is what we are working on. The videos must be ready this year. We are doing six videos to whet the appetites of our fans. All the videos will be done within Zimbabwe,” said the Tafadzwa hitmaker.

Among some of the yesteryear hits from which he could make a video include 1940, Macharangwanda, Petunia, Tariro and Wemakonzo, among others.

Macheso is currently riding on the wave of the success of “Ngaibake“, a Zimdancehall hit on which he collaborated with Freeman.

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His last album, “Dzinosvitsa Kure”, was released in June last year, with tracks such as “Kudzwai” and “Zvavanoda” still revving up the market.

Before that, Macheso has released “Tsoka Dzerwendo” in 2016.

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