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Govt fires 211 striking doctors

GOVERNMENT has fired more striking doctors, taking the total number of striking doctors who have been discharged from the health service has reached 211 in just this week alone.

All the doctors were found guilty of absenteeism after they ignored a Labour Court order for them to return to work.

In a statement Friday afternoon, the Health Services Board, which is the employer of all public health professionals in Zimbabwe, said to date 279 doctors have been served with charge letters and 213 disciplinary hearings have been conducted from which the 211 were found guilty.

According to HSB only three doctors appeared in person for the hearings from which two had determination to their cases reserved pending verification of their cases.

In total, 516 of the 1 601 doctors who work in the public health sector are expected to appear before the hearings.

For close to three months, doctors have insisted they will not return to their workstations until they are paid a salary linked to the interbank exchange rate.

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