Khupe urged to move on and forget about “shrewd robber” Nelson Chamisa

An editorial piece published Friday by leading national daily, NewsDay, says MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe must look forward and forget about the way she was “crudely outmanouvered” from leading the opposition MDC by “shrewd robber” Nelson Chamisa.

Part of the editorial piece reads: “Khupe was so outfoxed that she still cannot believe that the deed was real; so tangible that she was left holding on to a mere name of a political party whose supporters have long moved on with the “shrewd robber”, Nelson Chamisa, who refined the old maxim: “Politics is a dirty game.”

“So ruthlessly crude was the “robber” that he covered his tracks very well and current efforts by hapless Khupe to try and pin him down through the courts and hiring “snippers” to take him out is proving to be a useless sideshow and a spent exercise in futility.”

The article gives advice to Khupe on the way forward: “We wish to advise our dearest Madam Khupe to simply pick up the pieces, re-strategise and move on because the battle she is fighting is a lost cause, unless she is being paid to act as an albatross around Chamisa’s neck.

“… Her perpetual moaning will not build her political career, unless someone is busy using her to spoil Chamisa’s own political career. If that is the case, she may have nothing to lose, but being a pioneering example to other women, we hope she is not allowing herself to be used because this would be a very sad indictment to the women’s struggle for equality.

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“The fact that she was hard-done by a man should give her the resolve to stand up and fight completely new political battles which include the 2023 elections. Dwelling on the past will not help build her political career.”

On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court dismissed Khupe’s attempt to nullify her 2018 recall by the MDC from Parliament as Makokoba legislator.

“The court holds that the question of whether or not Parliament failed to fulfil its constitutional obligations with regard to the circumstances in which the seat occupied by the first applicant (Thokozani Khupe) became vacant has been rendered moot by the occurrence of events subsequent to the making of the court application.

“The matter no longer presents a live dispute between the parties requiring the court to hear and determine in accordance with the principle of justifiability. In the result, the application is dismissed with no order as to costs,” the ConCourt ruled.

However, another case was heard neraly three weeks ago before the Supreme Court, in which Chamisa was challenging the High Court ruling in May that he was an illegitimate leader of the MDC.

Obert Gutu, Khupe’s deputy, reckons that the case will see Khupe taking over party assets that include the MDC headquarters among other property. The ruling was reserved and will be handed down any time.

If ruled against Chamisa, experts say it could also leave Chamisa having to reimburse the millions of dollars from Treasury that his party has received.

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