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PICS: Cars torched as South Africans protest over electricity shortages

The police in Rustenberg have cordoned off the D108 at the entrance to the informal settlement where rocks have been placed across the road after protesters torched several cars and a truck, and trenches dug on the D108 linking Rustenburg and Marikana.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Ofentse Mokgadi said no arrests had been made since the protest started several weeks ago over electricity shortages at Nkaneng informal settlement in Photsaneng near Rustenburg.

“The protest is sporadic,” Mokgadi said. “It does not happen at a particular time or day. They block the road and flee into bushes or shacks,”  he said.

Last month residents vowed that the protest would continue until they had electricity.

The protest was set-off in August after residents collected money to electrify the area.

They bought  poles and cables, set up a substation and tapped electricity from the nearby Sibanye mine, but mine security cut their cables and took them to Rustenburg police station.

  • African News Agency (ANA)
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