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Teachers hunt for contact details of Mthuli Ncube’s wife

TEACHERS under the banner of labour body, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) say they are on the hunt for contact details of the wife of Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube.

The teachers say they believe as a mother, the Minister’s wife will hear their plea for a salary raise because “she might appreciate the pain and suffering we are going through.”

In a cheeky notice published on the labour body’s social media handle Friday morning, the teachers said: “We are kindly looking for the details of Mthuli Ncube’s wife. We want to beg her to talk to her husband on behalf of civil servants.

“As a mother, she might appreciate the pain and suffering we are going through. She may convince her husband to either pay us or resign. DM details.”

In a later update, the teachers’ union said they had made headway regarding getting the personal details of the wife, who is not a civil servant.

“We have received some information. The wife is an engineer. We still appeal for contact details. Phone number, Email, twitter handle, facebook page etc. We are a desperate people on the verge of losing our humanity. Please help us,” the union added.

The teachers say they are acting out of desperation because their salaries have reduced them to poverty and suffering.

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The Minister’s wife has rarely been seen in public. Many Zimbabweans do not even know her name.

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