BRIEFLY: Inside MisRed’s thoughts on things Zimbabwean

This is BRIEFLY’s 2nd edition of 2019, and we have a chat with popular radio personality, philanthropist and brand ambassador MisRed (real name Samantha Musa). She tells us what she would do differently if she were to be a teenager again, and shares her opinion on Zimbabwe’s currency…

Oh, and she reveals the one Minister in the current Cabinet who she is willing to give a high-five! Plus MisRed shares with us some pics you’ll only see here!

Q: What was your first job?
A: Call Centre Agent

Q: What’s your biggest regret in your life so far?
A: That I didn’t take my time in my younger years to see the world.

Q: US dollar or Zimbabwe dollar… Which one would you rather we use in Zimbabwe right now?
A: I would rather Zimbabwe dollar. Makes us more competitive in the market/ region. We can never compete with money that is not ours and that we have no control over.

Q: What book have you been reading?
A: “Killing Floor” by Lee Child

Q: What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?
A: I like my quiet space.

MisRed. PHOTO: MisRed

Q: You’re given the keys to the State House today. What are the first two things you’d do for Zimbabweans?
A: I would give them free education and access to free internet, good education and WiFi can go a long way.

Somalia clears World Bank debt. Where is Zimbabwe failing?

Q: You are a very busy person. What are the things you always do despite a busy schedule?
A: I read and I travel.

Q: If you were to go back in time to your teenage years, what would you do differently?
A: Slow down on life

MisRed. PHOTO: MisRed

Q: The year is about to end, and many are planning their holiday destinations. Which place in Zimbabwe fascinates you the most, and why?
A: The eastern border highlands… fascinating region with so much to see that is natural.

Q: Is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s New Dispensation indeed new? Why?
A: No it’s not new, if we are to talk of the people. But yes in the manner things are done

MisRed. PHOTO: MisRed

Q: After a hard day’s work, what do you want at your dinner table?
A: Thai Food

Q: What advice do you give to Zimbabweans who are on social media?
A: Social Media is not just a space to be toxic but so many good things can happen there and money can also be made. Don’t waste amazing spaces with banter that doesn’t edify you.

Q: If you were not in your current occupation, what else would you be doing?
A: Sound Engineer

MisRed. PHOTO: MisRed

Q: Is Zimbabwe a unique country, and if yes, in what way?
A: Everything about Zimbabwe is unique, our economy for starters… We seem to make our own rules as we go, lol. It’s people are also unique in that, no matter what is thrown at us, we are still warm.

Somalia clears World Bank debt. Where is Zimbabwe failing?

Q: What type of music really gets your day started?
A: Gospel and Soul

MisRed. PHOTO: MisRed

Q: Which one Minister in the current Cabinet would you give a high-five?
A: Monica Mutsvangwa; she is minister of my portfolio… so yea 😜

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