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VIDEO: Chamisa captured by CIO agents

MDC leaders right to the top are captured by State agents from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and will find it difficult to win elections, a United States-based Zimbabwean journalist and author, Douglas Rogers, has revealed in an interview with Studio 7.

Rogers wrote a book titled ‘Two Weeks in November: The Astonishing Untold Story of the Operation that Toppled Mugabe. He has told Studio 7 that part of the reason the opposition MDC led by Nelson Chamisa will not win elections in Zimbabwe is because they are infiltrated by State security agents.

Rogers revealed this in a discussion in the US on Thursday with Studio 7 on the second anniversary of the day Zimbabwean military placed Robert Mugabe under house arrest before carefully unleashing public pressure and threats of impeachment by MDC and Zanu-PF MPs leading to him finally resigning.

Rogers says since at least the year 2000 or probably before, Zanu-PF uses a strong and powerful network of intelligence operatives who work undercover sometimes with unsuspecting MDC leaders, compromising the opposition movement and placing them one step before Zanu-PF in the fight for political power.

He also seems to credit President Emmerson Mnangagwa with the creation of that intelligence network, saying he (Mnangagwa) basically set up the whole intelligence architecture in Zimbabwe in the 1980s and 1990s to serve the interests of Zanu-PF.

In his book, Rogers also made mention of a Zimbabwean spy based in South Africa, named Casper, who was once a close security aide to Morgan Tsvangirai yet was CIO at the same time.

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Casper would arrange hotel accommodation and handle all other logistics for Tsvangirai whenever the late MDC leader visited South Africa, and all the treasure trove of intelligence he gathered would be mailed back to CIO bosses in Harare.

Watch below as Douglas Rogers speaks with Studio 7’s Gibbs Dube about the defacto military coup in Zimbabwe and how the opposition leaders are compromised by spy agents.

Douglas Rogers

MDC leaders are compromised by CIO agents and will struggle to win elections against Zanu-PF, says US-based Zimbabwean author Douglas Rogers who wrote a book on the fall of Robert Mugabe. Rogers says ED Mnangagwa is the brains behind the CIO architecture that spies on opposition leaders, a system he says ED perfected in the 1980s and 1990s through his leadership of that CIO department… VIDEO: VOA Studio 7

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