Chamisa meets ED’s emissary, says he’s ready for dialogue

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has confirmed he met with an emissary of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and has disclosed the MDC is ready to start dialogue.

In an interview with the Daily News, Chamisa has revealed that he met with Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi.

Chamisa said he spoke his mind and told the Bishop what needs to be done by who for the country to move forward.

“I told Bishop Mutendi that Mnangagwa must stop seeing the MDC as an enemy. The MDC is not a fly-by-night party; it’s a party of the infrastructure of politics in the country and must be respected in that regard. Mnangagwa is not helping anything by disfiguring the MDC. That doesn’t help at all.

“We are saying we are open to frank and open discussions with Mnangagwa. We have said this openly, but they can’t prescribe the parameters of dialogue.

“I told Bishop Mutendi that we are willing to talk to Mnangagwa anytime. I impressed upon him that he (Mutendi) should give Mnangagwa sound advice. This country lacks a nation builder because Mnangagwa is acting like a party leader.

“The nation needs a father, but we have none. I also told the bishop that churches must continue to pray for the country so that we get out of the current crisis.”

Zimbabweans are exasperated that while the two main political parties repeatedly insist they are ready for dialogue, nothing has virtually moved. Chamisa’s party officials continue walking out on President Emmerson Mnangagwa each time he is to address Parliament, saying he is illegitimate.

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Zanu-PF, on the other hand, insists that dialogue is not a power sharing process and must proceed only on condition that the MDC recognize President Mnangagwa as the Head of State and Government.

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