Chamisa’s European trip only makes puppetry tag more visible: Dumba

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has been advised to build the party’s non-existent rural structures because it is those people in rural areas who decide the country’s Presidency as they form the bulk of the voters. Chamisa was last week in Europe, a move which has been described as helping only to make the “puppet” tag more visible.

Chamisa was in Sweden where he met leaders from central and eastern Europe as part of what party spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda says was a “global charm offensive.”

Sibanda says Chamisa met with Swedish Prime Minister Kjell Stefan Lofven, to whom he highlighted the benefit of investing in Zimbabwe “after the legitimacy crisis is resolved.”

“In meetings with world leaders, the president (Chamisa) told them that our country can have the audacity to hope for a better future and that democracy will be achievable despite our present circumstances.

“He encouraged global leaders to prepare to invest in a great economy because our current situation is not natural. He told them God bless Zimbabwe but a few greedy old men have cursed us. As soon as our country returns to legitimacy and legality our economy will jolt up as if on steroids. It will rise like a roaring lion and devour poverty and extreme desperation of our people,” Sibanda said.

But Chamisa’s latest foreign expedition has been criticized as helping to only reinforce the view that he was a puppet of the West.

Writing on social media, former security aide to MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Warship Dumba, said the move by Chamisa to sup with Western leaders will only serve his detractors well. Dumba, who also served as Harare Councillor, urged the MDC leader to focus on closing fissures within the party and to look for solutions to Zimbabwe’s challenges within Zimbabwe.

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“Zimbabwe’s problems can only be solved locally. Going to European capitals for unknown motives only further makes the puppetry tag more visible. I personally see no purpose of such European visits,” said Dumba.

“I urge Chamisa to… sit down, unite the party, make rural inroads and stop the party from further disintegrating like a deck of cards. The Presidency of Zimbabwe can only come from elections held here in Zimbabwe,” Dumba said.

However, Nkululeko Sibanda insists the MDC leader’s European visit would help build a capacity for the international community to re-engage with Zimbabwe at an economic and political level “after the current regime is gone.”

“President Chamisa impressed upon the global leaders that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is illegitimate, corrupt and does not have the best interests of the nation at heart. The current regime has an extreme fascination with power and no understanding of the need to put aside egoistic tendencies and put Zimbabwe first, but the regime will surely be gone.

“So the president (Chamisa) is setting a template for leadership transformation so that after the current regime is gone, Zimbabwe will be able to engage with the rest of the world in a manner that benefits all.”

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