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UK healthcare facility recruits Zimbabwean nurses, doctors, specialists

A UK medical facility is recruiting recruiting Zimbabwean health practitioners who include nurses, doctors, and occupational therapists.

Dravens Health Care is a specialist care service providing medical services and support to individuals living in nursing homes,hospices, supported living, residential homes and hospitals in the Birmingham area.

In an advert, the facility says it is on the hunt for Zimbabwean doctors, nurses, care assistants, and occupational therapists. Those interested are being encouraged to apply by sending CVs at [email protected] or by calling on +263783155702.

Advert flighted by Draven Healthcare

The advert comes amid fears the UK Healthcare system will turn to Commonwealth nations and former colonies like Zimbabwe for specialist skills following the oncoming Brexit.

Zimbabwe is at loggerheads with its medical doctors, over 300 of whom have been fired for absenteeism from work after they engaged in labour action since September.

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