BRIEFLY: Moira Knight shares her thoughts on this ‘n that

This is BRIEFLY’s 5th edition of 2019, and Zimbabwe Voice had a chat with musician and socialite Moira Knight.

Moira opens up on her biggest regret in life so far, as well as what she would do differently if she were to be a teenager again. She also shares her thoughts on the US dollar versus Zimbabwe dollar debate.

Q: What was your first job?

A: I first worked as a retail assistant at Sports Direct, a sportswear shop in Great Britain.

Moira Knight

Q: What’s your biggest regret in your life so far?

A: My biggest regret is not chasing after my dream earlier. I should have done so as soon as I left High School, rather than after I had graduated from university. Had I done so I know that I would have achieved so much more.

Moira Knight

Q: US dollar or Zimbabwe dollar… Which one would you rather we use in Zimbabwe right now?

A: I definitely prefer to use the US dollar because it’s convenient to convert it to other currencies when I travel. The Zimbabwe dollar is not recognized in the counties I visit.

Q: What book have you been reading?

A: I’m reading “Happiness is a four letter word” by Cynthia Jele.

Moira Knight

Q: What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

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A: Most people don’t know that I was once a Bible study coordinator at my church. Fascinating, right? .

Q: You’re given the keys to the State House today. What are the first two things you’d do for Zimbabweans?

A: Zimbabwe needs free medical care especially to new mothers and pregnant women. I would also set up meetings and ensure the country’s doctors, midwives, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals are comfortable.

Q: You are a very busy person. What are the things you always do despite a busy schedule?

A: I always make sure I have time set aside to talk to the Man above. I also have time set aside to check in with myself. This is very vital; it keeps me very sane in this very crazy world we’re living in.

Q: If you were to go back to your teenage years, what would you do differently?

A: Probably eat healthier. I’ve made some silly dietary choices in the past and I’m still paying the price.

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