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NetOne removes transaction charges on OneMoney

Local telecoms operator, NetOne has introduced zero-rated transactions on all OneMoney transactions except for the statutory 2% tax and card swipe charges.

Speaking to journalists during a press conference at NetOne Headquarters on Monday, Chief Executive Officer Lazarus Muchenje said there will be no transaction fees when subscribers perform a Send-Money transaction regardless of the amount.

The promotion is set to run from 25 November 2019 to 31 December 2019.

“NetOne has decided that they want to assist Zimbabwean people, prices have gone up during the year,” he said.

“There have been challenges with mobile money, failed to access cash, people had many challenges over the past and we decided to democratise Zimbabwe’s financial services.

“It is already tough living life as it is with a mobile operator also charging exorbitant fees.”

He added; “As of today, every Zimbabwean who is on One Money when they send money, there is no charge by NetOne, whether paying merchant, biller, sending or receiving money, buying airtime, we are going to make it as free as possible for all Zimbabweans to access this financial service.

“There are numerous offers that we have today. For example, if one lost a sim card and reactivates it, there is a bonus for that.

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“If one buys a sim card, we give you $2 free airtime; if you introduce a friend to one money, we give you 1GB data for doing that. We also give 50% of your airtime back when you purchase airtime with OneMoney.

“Accounts can be funded through cash-in at any NetOne shop or Agencies, ZIPIT from all the banks on ZimSwitch, Funds sent from another OneMoney Customer and Salary Payments credited directly into OneMoney.

“We intent to make this a merry Christmas for everybody in Zimbabwe.”

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