Bustop TV’s Gonyeti wins Human Rights Defender of the Year award

BUSTOP TV’S star comedienne Samantha Kureya, popularly known in social circles as Gonyeti, has been voted the Human Rights Defender of the Year 2019.

The award was presented to her by the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network this week.

Kureya made international headlines in August this year when she claimed to have been abducted by what she said were State Security agents, but no arrests have been made and the incident petered out. Her critics accused her of stage-managing the abduction to win acclaim, while others believed the abduction and subsequent assault was genuine.

The Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network said in reaching at the conclusion that Kureya be recognized, it took into consideration that she has contributed to human rights issues in Zimbabwe in 2019 at a great risk to her personal safety and security.

In most of her skits, Kureya brings attention to government and State Security agents and their handling of everyday issues including human rights.

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