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Court orders Harare man to compensate landlord for failing to vacate

A Harare magistrate has ordered a man to compensate his landlord for loss of income due to his failing to vacate the premises after the rentals were raised.

Elliot Mangaba was hauled before the Harare Civil Court last week as his former landlord, Abel Sanobi, sought to recover his dues.

Some time in September, Sanobi reportedly increased rentals from $130 to $450, but Mangaba indicated he could not afford the steep increase and would, therefore, vacate by the end of the month. However, he failed to move.

This prompted Sanobi, who claims he had managed to get a tenant willing to pay the new rentals, to approach the court to recover the prejudice — amounting to $450 — suffered as a result of Mangaba’s actions.

“Your Worship, l notified my tenant here of the rent increase and he said he could not afford it, and would leave, but he did not.

“The tenant l had sought to replace could not occupy the house as Mangaba was still living at the premises, and l am claiming $450 for losses incurred,” he said.

In his defence, Mangaba claimed he could not settle the arrears as they had not agreed on the new rentals. However, magistrate Mrs Tildah Mazhande ordered him to pay $130.

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