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I've never lost a conference: Julius Malema as EFF heads to elections

EFF leader Julius Malema is confident that he will retain his position as the commander-in-chief when the Red Berets meet this December to elect new leadership.

Addressing the media at Nasrec in Johannesburg where the elective conference, the National People’s Assembly, will take place, Malema said that he has never lost an elective conference even during his days in the ANC Youth League where was expelled and that his track record spoke for itself.

“Just go and check my track record, I’ve never lost a conference. You should know that. Not only in the youth or EFF, even in the ANC when I said this is what’s going to happen, it happened exactly how I said it’s going to happen,” said Malema.

Over 4,000 delegates will gather at Nasrec mid-December to, among other things, discuss policy issues and elect new leadership.

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