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Live shots fired at Chamisa in Marondera: Report

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has reportedly had live shots fired at him while he was conducting a tree planting programme Sunday in Marondera.

This has been revealed by Marondera Central Legislator Caston Matewu, who posted on social media Sunday: “Live shots fired at President Chamisa l  was beside him. We were missed by a whisker. We were only planting trees for National Tree planting day in Marondera today.”

No independent source has verified the source of the live bullets, which the MDC says was done by members of the State security.

The MDC leader has a love-hate history with Marondera. On 10 November last year, his party claimed state security agents tried to snatch Chamisa leading to a dramatic tussle with his security as he returned from a rally in the same Mashonalad East town of Marondera.

Jacob Mafume, who was then party spokesperson, said about six vehicles followed Chamisa’s convoy from Marondera where he had addressed thousands of supporters at a “thank you” rally at Rudhaka Stadium.

“We had an altercation with the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation). They then blocked the convoy and tried to retrieve Chamisa from the presidential car,” he said.

“Our security managed to block them from taking him or part of his personnel. When they were blocked, they then took one of the guys in the security team who managed to jump out of the moving car.”

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His critics, however, believed the “abduction” was staged for political mileage, while his supporters believe State security agents indeed tried to abduct him, signifying the serious polarisation in Zimbabwean political spaces.

Chamisa would later on repeat claims that intelligence and military operatives had been trailing him.

“I would like to acknowledge members of the Central intelligence Organisation and military intelligence. Why I say so is because they have been following me whilst I was having prayers in Domboshava. They (intelligence officers) block our way. Even when I’m not with my entourage they follow and block them.

“Why are you doing that? I wrote a letter to (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa to say what you are doing is worse than what your predecessor Robert Mugabe did. Instead of coming to look for ideas, you are wasting time by following me all the time. Why are you doing that?”

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