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Police say no bullets were fired at MDC's illegal rally

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has dismissed allegations that its officers fired rubber bullets or live bullets in Marondera to disperse the MDC’s gathering, which it says was illegal in the first place.

The ZRP national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi issued a statement Saturday afternoon after MDC officials said State security agents fired live bullets at its leader Nelson Chamisa who was overseeing a tree-planting event.

The following is the full statement by police:

Allegations of live rounds being fired in Marondera.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police dismisses allegations that live rounds or rubber bullets were used or fired when Police Officers in Marondera dispersed MDC supporters and activists this afternoon who had illegally gathered at Dombotombo Clinic and some leaders attempted to address the gathering without following the laid down notification procedures in terms of the law.

Police only used tear smoke to disperse the gathering and politicians with some who had been transported in combis openly refusing to comply with orders which had been given by the police.

The facts on the ground are very clear on what happened. We urge members of the public and activists to comply with orders given by law enforcement agencies in their various activities in order to ensure that law and order is properly maintained by police without any hassles.

Chamisa's allies arrested

P.NYATHI [Assistant Commissioner) Senior Staff Officer [Press. Public and International Relations) to the Commissioner-General of Police


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