VIDEO: Driver tries to put out BMW X6 fire – with raw sewage!

A good Samaritan is a good Samaritan, right? Even if he pours raw sewage onto your BMW X6…

A BMW driver in the Russian city of Samara recently had the misfortune of having his vehicle catch fire. When he saw the smoke pouring out of the bonnet, he pulled over and proceeded to flag down fellow motorists to help.

Unfortunately, that help came in the form of a sewage truck, and it’s safe to say that it wasn’t carrying normal water in its tanker. In the video below, we see the truck driver pulling the hose from his truck and then attempting to put out the fire with brown liquid.

The driver, obviously in shock from the vehicle fire, didn’t seem too perturbed by this – any liquid will do as long as the fire gets put out right? And so he even opened the bonnet of the car to let the stinking liquid in.

As the passer-by who shot the video stopped filming after 40 seconds, it’s not clear whether the good Samaritans actually succeeded in putting out the fire.

And even if they did, it’s even less clear how they’re ever going to get the smell out of the car. Watch the video below:

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