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Chamisa's Councillor in court for fraud

The Nelson Chamisa-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s Ward 24 Councillor Arnold Batirai Dube, has been summoned before the court facing allegations of forging letters and distributing them within the vicinity of a polling station during the 2018 harmonised elections.

Cllr Dube allegedly connived with other people who are still at large to create letters denouncing incumbent ward 24 councillor Gideon Mangena, claiming that he had been expelled from the party and he was the only standing candidate.

The two were vying for the councillor’s seat in Ward 24.

Dube is facing a charge of contravening section 147 (1)(d) by distributing leaflets or pamphlets in the vicinity of a polling station and an alternative charge of forgery.

According to state papers, Dube intended to mislead ward 24 voters by distributing letters which stated that Mangena had been expelled from the party leaving him (Dube) as the sole candidate standing for the party.

“The elections were being held at the Salvation Army church as the polling station. During the elections and within 100 meters of the polling station, Dube, in a bid to mislead ward 24 voters and his counterpart Mangena, distributed letters that falsely asserted that he was the sole candidate citing that Mangena had been expelled from the party,” read the state papers.

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The State alleges that Mangena received a tip-off from some members of the public who saw Dube distributing the letters.

The State further alleges that upon arrest, a total of 80 letters, reportedly distributed by Dube, were recovered.

Last year when Cllr Dube was sworn in as councillor for Ward 24, he caused a stir at the council chambers after he took his oath in the Shona dialect.

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