Magaya's jacket auctioned for US$12,000… Socks, belt, shoes and even wife's dress sold off

CONGREGANTS of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries stampeded to bid for their church founder Prophet Walter Magaya’s jacket at his belated birthday party held at the Yadah Hotel in Waterfalls on Saturday.

Magaya turned 36 a few weeks ago.

The final bid was at US$12,000, and Magaya said he was shocked by the massive interest in the auction. He immediately announced that he was donating all the money to a group of women so they could buy sanitary pads, saying many were failing to afford hygienic basics due to economic challenges.

Magaya revealed that the jacket was made by hand by one of his congregants who is based in Nigeria.

“One of my congregants who is based in Nigeria is the one who took her time to hand-make it, and I did not want to let it go. However, because of the amount pledged, I accept and donate the money to Women of Valour to buy their sanitary wear,” Magaya said to applause.

As it turned out, Magaya went further and opened bidding for his shirt, socks, belt, shoes and even his wife Tendai’s dress as members competed to buy them.

“I turned 36 years old a few weeks ago and your presents today proved to me that you are the holy family that comforts me regardless of some who are here due to business relations.

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“To me, you are part of the family and I feel blessed, strengthened and forget my afflictions.”

Magaya finished off by inviting his wife to the dance floor, as musician Mbeu entertained the guests.

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