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Two NUST students win Rhodes scholarships to study at Oxford

TWO students at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo will from next years study at the prestigious Oxford University in the UK under the 2020 Zimbabwe Rhodes Scholarship.

Andile Dube, a final year medical student at NUST, will study musculoskeletal science with a special focus on trauma management. Actuarial student Cephas Svosve will read for a Master of Science degree in the field of mathematical and computational finance at the University of Oxford.

The selection was confirmed by Tariro Makadzange, who is the secretary for the Rhodes Scholarship in Zimbabwe as well as a former Rhodes scholar.

“We confirm the selection of Andile Dube and Cephas Svosve into the 2020 Zimbabwe Rhodes Scholarship. We completed the selection on Saturday. The candidates were exceptional. We shortlisted and interviewed 10 candidates.

“The two Zimbabwe 2020 Rhodes Scholars will have the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford and join an elite alumni network that includes Zimbabwe Rhodes scholars such as James Manyika, Cyril Ruwende, former Zimbabwe deputy prime Minister Arthur Mutambara and a global community of Rhodes scholars that include former and current presidents, prime ministers, scientists, leading academics, Nobel laureates, writers, lawyers, and business leaders, among others,” Makadzange said.

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