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ZNA increases number of courses for soldiers from 60 to 100

The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has increased the number of courses for soldiers from 60 to 100, saying this will see all members of the army equipped with relevant skills for the effective discharge of their duties.

This was revealed by Brigadier General Simo Maseko, Commander of the 5 Infantry Brigade at Battlefields near Kwekwe last Thursday during the graduation ceremony of the General Squad Drill.

“Starting next year the course capacity for all formation sponsored courses has been increased from 60 to 100. This is a welcome development to those due to undertake those courses and this is congnisant of the need to ensure that all men and women of the ZNA are equipped with the relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills that enable them to proficiently discharge their duties,” said Brigadier-General Maseko.

He urged all soldiers to continue sharpening their knowledge and skills by taking up other courses so as to enhance their chances of getting promoted in the force.

“It is my hope that you will not bear certificates awarded to you in vain. In any case, what you have achieved today must serve to inspire you to get the next qualification or rank.

“Let me urge you to complement the training you received here with other career courses; training is necessary for personal development and also enhancing your chances of promotion. This is a stepping stone to your promotion; demonstrate that you gained something from this course,” he said.

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Sixty soldiers graduated. Of these, only eleven were women.

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