CSCJF, a local NGO, targets re-branding Zimbabwe for prosperity

By CSCJF National Coordinator, Ms Abigale Mpambi

The Civic Society and Churches Joint Forum (CSCJF) is a hub of pro-development initiatives and has the support of over eighty civic society and church actors with the joint responsibility to advise, influence and effect growth in the nation.

Particular focus in 2020 is directed towards socio-economic development through a deliberate move of aligning all programming, operations and targeted advocacy work towards BRANDING ZIMBABWE FOR PROSPERITY as we acknowledge the waves of the economic revolution which is going on in our country.

CSCJF spent the rest of 2019 mainly lobbying and advocating for unity of purpose, peace, tolerance and urging all actors to move from the non productive political bickering and toxicity. We encouraged people to engage in efficacious discourses and rational disputations all aimed at proffering solutions to the myriad of Zimbabwe’s documented challenges.

We have entered the year 2020 at the time that Zimbabwe is approaching 40.

It is generally said life begins at 40. As CSCJF, we believe Zimbabweans should not and cannot continue to pull in different directions and pointing fingers to perceived trouble causers.

Whilst that remains an issue of concern, as a nation we now need solution l-givers so that we can move foward to prosperity and development as a country. In 2020, CSCJF is seeking out responsible and respectful solutions providers and rallying together with them; rallying behind a development cause to have a better Zimbabwe.

We could call each and everyone here today to give us names of people they blame for problems… and yes, we will probably have long lists but where does that leave us?

We can benefit more from calling names of solution providers and bringing them together so they craft a progressive path for all the people of Zimbabwe and steer the nation towards growth and sustainable economic development.

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In that regard, CSCJF Agenda for 2020 will center around Branding Zimbabwe for Prosperity – Aligning for Growth and Economic Development – AGED concept.

This concept will see the programing, actions, and advocacy of our Civic society membership aligned towards growth and economic development.

The Civic Society block is bringing forward a consensus that strongly subscribe to the concept of bridging the gap in our communities, putting the Zimbabwean brand on the map.

The concept will certainly not make Zimbabwe exceptional from challenges and problems but surely problem solving methods are the way to go.

Civic Society, in particular national civic society players, will remain vigilant in positioning and protecting the interests of the masses who are mostly the vulnerable.

Our role remains to complement the positive government efforts aimed at improving the living standards of the people and to be the watchdogs of same to ensure that there is upholding of the rule of law.

CSCJF wishes to see not only good governance from the central government and efficient service delivery at the local governments but that all players are Aligned for Growth and Economic Development.

Our advocacy will discourage self-inflicted problems arising corruption, selfishness, arrogance, anarchy, political intolerance and non-productivity.

We need to make it practical that life has begun at 40 and as a country we have matured and now focused on growing the economy for prosperity.

We believe our politics and democracy have reached the zenith. If we wait for perfect conditions we will never begin anything. It is imperative, therefore that we have a fresh take off and realignment of our attitudes and programming.

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In the midst of hostile politics, Zimbabwe has lost its brand awareness and consciousness.

It remains a responsibility of every Zimbabwean to rethink and refocus on the nation building project. The time is upon us, to either align ourselves for progress or be left behind in issues of growth and economic development. As a nation we cannot afford to be left behind.

We reiterate that there is nothing such as political perfection and to persue that fallacy while the more tangible, reachable and achievable goals of development are neglected will be a disservice to present and future generations.

Let us embrace the positives from the past two decades, cease magnifying our weaknesses and coordinate our strengths.

We implore all civic society actors in education, health, human rights and governance to rally for progress and development by aligning themselves for growth and economic development in their various deliveries.

Blame game will not lead us to economic freedom and our promised land will remain mythical unless we chart a more plausible route.

As CSCJF, we believe the best way to predict our future is to create it now through positivity and rebranding Zimbabwe for Prosperity.

The Church has pledged their commitment and dedication to continue praying for the country and offer advice , guidance toward peace building which is key for sustainable development.

If you suspect COVID-19 infection or wish to obtain more information on this disease, please call the Ministry of Health and Child Care on toll free hotline number 2019 for assistance.

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