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Ladies, before you remove your panties for him, think about this…

By Anonymous

1. Are you taking off your panties because you love him? He makes you smile, he has a big penis but do you really love this man?

2. How much do you know about him? You know he is good looking, you know he is funny, you know he smells good but what do you really know about his personality? His character?

3. After the sex what happens next?Will it be another sex and another sex and another sex, nothing serious? Will you stay with him or jump to other boyfriends for more sex?

4. If you get pregnant, are you ready to be a mother? Will you be thinking of a way to kill the innocent baby by abortion or you be ready to give birth to the baby?

5. Very important, what if you get pregnant and he denies, he refuse to take responsibility, can you stand alone? Do you have what it takes to raise the baby on your own?

6. Do you know that if you get pregnant and he abandons you, it can slow down your future? You will have to spend the time you should have spent on your school or career raising a child.

When the mother-in-law wants to take over the wedding

7. Do you think you can be his wife? Does he fit the kind of man you can marry and be faithful to?

8. Are you sure of his love or is it just about this sex? Beyond sex, what other way do you connect together?

9. If he so much want to have sex with you then why can’t he commit to you and make you his wife ?

10. Think of the future. Will you be proud of yourself after today?

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