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BREAKING: ZIMSEC A-Level 2019 November results out

The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has advised the nation that the November 2019 Advanced Level Results are out.

Candidates who sat for the examinations are expected to collect results from their respective schools and centres starting tomorrow.

AS has become the norm in recent years, girls performed better than boys in the November 2019 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council’s Advanced Level whose results came out yesterday.

A pass rate of 83.1% was recorded, a slight increase from 2018 when 81.9% of passed the exams. ZIMSEC defines a candidate as having passed if he/she records a Grade E or better in two or more subjects.

Professor Eddie Mwenje, the ZIMSEC board chairperson, announced the results in Harare yesterday.

“The total number of candidates who sat for the November 2019 examination was 51 862. The candidature increased by 5 348 from 46 478 in 2018, which translates to an increase of 11,6 percent.

“In 2019, 50 774 candidates wrote two or more subjects and 42 1 69 obtained Grade E or better in two or more subjects. This translated to 83,1 percent pass rate, an increase of 1,2 percentage points from 81,9 percent as recorded in 2018,” he said.

“The number of school female candidates that set for the 2019 A’ Level examinations was 19 877. Out of this number, 19 689 wrote two or more subjects and 17 525 passed two or more subjects, yielding a 89 percent pass-rate.

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“There were 22 666 male candidates and 18 990 passed two or more subjects, translating to 84,5 percent,” said Prof Mwenje.

Special needs candidates were 55 and 35 candidates passed two or more subjects.

While the general pass rate was high, most science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) learners found the going tough and recorded a 31,6 percent pass rate.

“It is important for the nation to note that out of 17 749 candidates who registered to write Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics 5 610 passed two or more subjects with a Grade E or better.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education needs to closely look into this area. There could be a number of factors which need further interrogation that could be contributing to this poor performance. We need to closely look at each subject because these are the second results from the recently introduced competency-based curriculum.

“The other contributing factor can be that science subjects require a lot of input and equipment which most schools do not possess,” said Prof Mwenje.

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