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Pastor warns youth against spending too much time in churches

Spending the whole day in church and not working will not yield much. For one to survive in this world, they have to work, says the Pastor

It is common to find many youth in places of worship fervently seeking God, for one reason or other as the youth seek employment, prosperity, good health, healing, wealth and even relationship partners.

However, many youth in Africa have been warned on the dangers and folly of spending way too much time in church, other than splitting their time between prayers and productive work.

Bishop Elijah Sebuchu, a senior pastor at the Kampala International Christian Centre in Uganda, urged the youth to work hard, in order to fight poverty, unlike many modern-day pastors whose sermons centre on tithes and riches that sprout from merely praying and worshipping.

Uganda media report that Sebuchu told the youth that there is no short cut to getting rich in life, except working hard.

“Spending the whole day in church and not working will not yield much. For one to survive in this world, they have to work. My advice to the youth is to start up small businesses, trust God and desist from practices, such as corruption, theft and other vices that can ruin your future,” he said.

Sebuchu also appealed to the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to ensure that whoever is caught in corruption scandals, regardless of their political inclination, should be punished as the only way the country can fight the vice.

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While addressing a press conference at the church, he also called upon religious leaders to stop “washing their dirty linen” in public if they are to be a good example to their followers.

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