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Men take advantage of vulnerable women to sleep with them

In response to our article published on Saturday 8 February 2020 titled “More than half of women in Zimbabwe exchange sex for jobs: Study”, Pauline Chiripanyanga wrote:

There is so much focus on making women and all the blames is centred on women, making them appear worthless and dull.

The headline should read “More than half men in Zimbabwe abuse women in exchange for jobs”, positions at works, marks at colleges and universities. 

Women do not go to workplaces or university planning to sleep with men. It is the men who take advantage of thier positions and the vulnerability of women.

Why not work on helping men who abuse authority to respect women and give them chance to show case what the can do?

In the South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea, one of the world’s most violent places, nearly every woman has experienced some form of domestic abuse. The author of this article, who is a reader of Zimbabwe Voice, says men are to blame for the rise in cases of women sextortion for jobs, business contracts, and even school placements for kids.

Besides, it is not the case that most women who rose to positions of power slept their way there; some actually worked way up. The more reason why most corporates have confidence in women because they work hard.

Men tend to put women where they can control, manipulate , overshadow, abuse them so that they don’t show their full potential. 

Let’s focus on the men for a change so they learn to respect and protect women and give them the platform to showcase their potential without manipulation, favour and abuse.


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