NetOne suspends CEO Lazarus Mucheje

STATE-OWNED mobile network operator NetOne has suspended its CEO Mr Lazarus Muchenje as well as the Chief Finance Officer, as the current audit continue to haunt the once leading network operator which boasted of the widest coverage.

The suspension of Muchenje comes as the NetOne Board recently instituted multiple separate audits against the top executives, with both internal and external audits, being concurrently undertaken.

The audits themselves forced the chairman and three other board members to resign a fortnight ago.

In a leaked memo dated February 6, Muchenje had expressed concern over “excessive” audits which he said were impeding company operations.

Muchenje also raised alarm at the interference of the board, saying it was also impacting on revenue generation by the company.

The allegations laid against these individuals are all separate as their letters of suspension were issued.

For Mr Muchenje this is not the first time being suspended by his board, the same once happened when Supa Mandiwanzira was the Minister of ICTs.

TechnoMag reports that the circumstances under which the two have been suspended were not clear, but the ministry of ICT Postal and courier services confirmed that the board has suspended the two.

NetOne had gathered momentum with moral highly boosted under the captainship of Muchenje, while their services have been getting serious traction and acceptance by hundreds of thousands,  but it seems the current audits that are onging have forced the suspension of the CEO, paving  room for further investigation.

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