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Both white and black neo-colonials must not get back land in Zimbabwe

By Dr. David Jesse

THE whole purpose of appropriation of land was inter alia, the eradication of colonialism and restitution of indigenous peoples land.

It would simply be folly if the term ‘indigenous’ in the recent Zimbabwe land paper included white colonials or black neo colonials.

While restitution is welcomed and production is warranted, no wants ‘the old days’ or the ‘colonials’ back.

Revitalising the farming sector and all associated industry is commendable but not if it means recolonisation.

There are adequate and sufficient white and black liberals who embrace equality, unity and human rights to reestablish the farms and agricultural economy, without bringing back the beer swilling, black denigrating, white trash who only had what they had by the colour of their skin.(That includes those still there. All living in Victoria Falls).

It is a new world with new ideals and we don’t want yesteryear back. So two thumbs up for Zimbabwe, but the third is a wait and see.  

Sensibility in creating a dynamic, amiable culture where black and white prosper together must be Zimbabwe’s foremost concern, otherwise, what did anyone die for?

It makes the liberation war for nothing and the peoples sacrifice pointless.

Resistution has to be carefully scrutinized and enemies of a true democracy excluded.

No going back on land reform: Shiri

Otherwise it just proves black’s can’t do without whites and black Zimbabwe become a laughing stock of the world.

David Jesse Ph.D

Former Zimbabwean farmer and landowner

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