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Kudakwashe Tagwirei denies accusations of State capture

By Sarudzai Gonyonga

FUEL baron Kuda Tagwirei who has made headlines on allegations of State capture through his business connections with government’s top officials has denied ever capturing the state.

Sakunda Holdings Chief Operating Officer (COO) Charles Chitambo told a Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee that those making such accusations should gather enough and accurate information on the on-goings of the company.

Committee member and Norton MP Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) questioned Chitambo if Sakunda Holdings had captured the state.

“I do not think Hon Mliswa is serious about this. It will be unlike for Hon. Mliswa to ask that question, I suppose. Mr Chairman, we in Sakunda do not feel we have captured the State. We believe that we have used the best skills we have to respond to a national request to revamp the production of the grain for import substitution.

“We believe that we have used the highest professionalism in our own selection process in working with a list of suppliers that was agreed with ministry of Agriculture.

“We also believe that we worked within price parameters dictated by the ministry of Lands and Agriculture. We have rendered the returns back and observed those limits,” Chitambo highlighted. 

Several opposition legislators and some Zanu PF officials have in the past accused the fuel owner of using the big cats for his own advantage.

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s former advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa recently acknowledged Sakunda’s influence describing it as being akin to “state capture” (using a term that refers to profit-seeking private interests gaining influence over state institutions). – Zimbabwe Voice

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