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Reactions to expect from people when you are pregnant

DURING pregnancy in the last two trimesters, a woman’s body will undergo very conspicuous body changes , and some women are just never ready how people react once their pregnancy is visible. 

People will start treating you differently because you’re no longer a simpleton, you’re an expectant mother.

The social change and treatment is one of the things most first time mothers are not prepared for. However, most women adjust to the changes with time and eventually become comfortable in their new bodies. Some of the other changes include:

People touching your belly

Unlike before when people had no reason to touch your stomach, they may now want to touch it out of curiosity. Most of those people will be close friends and your spouse who may want to feel the baby’s movements.

However, other strangers who are mothers or curious people may approach you and may want to feel the baby. If you don’t want to be touched it would be best to say so politely.


When you meet acquaintances or long lost friends who had no idea you were pregnant, you’ll be asked questions concerning the pregnancy.

The questions may include; how far along the baby is, the identity of the baby’s father or how your pregnancy is so far.

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Gawking and staring

The biological process of growing and carrying a baby is so fascinating, so people will stop and stare. To be honest, people will stare for different reasons.

If you feel uncomfortable under intense glares and stares, just know they have no reason to worry, it is normal for people to get interested.

If it really bothers you, you could also opt for baggy clothes instead of tight ones that outline your bump.

Unsolicited advice

Everybody will turn into an expert and pump you with the dos and don’ts, it can really get frustrating. Do not let it get on your nerves.

Kindness from strangers

Expectant mothers are naturally treated with respect and care by most people in the Kenyan society. If you’re using public transport, someone could give you their seat if the bus is full.

When you’re in a long queue at the supermarket, someone could extend kindness by giving you priority.

If you live with people, they may help you with a few chores here and there. Most people understand how tiring it can be during pregnancy and a few kind souls may show their kindness during this time, despite being strangers.

If you suspect COVID-19 infection or wish to obtain more information on this disease, please call the Ministry of Health and Child Care on toll free hotline number 2019 for assistance.

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