Zuva Habane throws massive party celebrating her divorce

NEVER the one to flow with the tide, socialite Zuva Habane has thrown a sumptuous divorce party celebrating her split from hubby.

The recently engaged “Urban Tete” turned things around when she threw a ‘Divorce Party’ to commemorate her legal split from her ex-hubby Prince Habane, in what many say is a typical case of making some lemonade out of lemons thrown at her.

She themed it ‘Know who you Are’ and ‘Self Emancipation’. Although Zuva’s marriage to Prince Habane ended in 2015, it became the topic of discussion once again earlier this year with the two trading barbs on social media.

This made Prince release a public statement on his social media citing that he long since broke up with her and they have both moved on with other people.

Zuva Habane

Zuva who is known as ‘Urban Tete’, for her no holds barred approach when talking about relationships and intimacy came under harsh criticism from some who felt she wasn’t living up to her own advice hence the failure of her marriage.

However, the outspoken socialite has decided to own her past and celebrate her losses in style. 

According to the wiki definition, a divorce party (also known as a divorce ceremony) is a ceremony that celebrates the end of a marriage or civil union.

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This celebration can either involve one or both of the parties.

Amanda Zuva Habane

Divorce parties have gained momentum in the wedding industry business and are viewed as the final destination after going all through the motions, from engagement parties, kitchen parties, bachelor parties.

Socialite Zuva

One or both of the couple toast to freedom and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives after the breakdown of their marriage. 

While controversial, divorce parties are seen as the acceptance stage of the divorce in one or both partners.

They also show a more proactive approach to letting go, healing, and moving on.

Habane Zuva

In liberal western countries, they have become the norm, unlike in more conservative countries where they are frowned upon and thought to be tasteless.

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