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Cuban drug could save the world from coronavirus… Drug proves effective in China

Despite the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the United States maintains against the Caribbean island, the Cuban medical system has been recognized at the international level.

CUBAN medicine could treat thousands of coronavirus patients as production of a “flagship” drug known to combat the disease is set to increase significantly, pharmaceutical bosses said at a press conference on Friday.

Despite the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the United States maintains against the Caribbean island, the Cuban medical system has been recognized at the international level.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted the Chinese government’s use of ‘Interferon alpha 2B’ (IFNrec) to combat the 2019-nco virus in the treatment of the disease.

From his Twitter account, Diaz-Canel celebrated the day before the use of the Cuban medicine that has been manufactured since January 25 at the ChangHeber Chinese-Cuban plant, located in the town of Changchun, Jilin Province.

President of the BioCubaFarma group  Eduardo Martinez explained that the socialist island has developed 22 drugs that are set to be used to contain the outbreak.

So far it is known that one of the drugs manufactured by Cuba, Interferon B, has managed to effectively cure more than 1,500 patients from the coronavirus and is one of 30 drugs chosen by the Chinese National Health Commission to combat respiratory disease.

It was first developed in 1986 by a team of researchers from the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) and introduced into the Cuban health system.

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Students, some wearing protective masks as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus, hold up their right hands as they recite the national anthem, in Havana

Mr Martinez described Interferon B as “the flagship product of the set of Cuban medicines” with the drug developed in both Cuba and China in a joint venture as part of an agreement between the socialist countries.

“We have for the treatment of thousands of people, and we are preparing to significantly increase the production of those with less coverage,” he said.

He said the drug could also be exported to other countries to help contain the spread of the virus and treat those that are showing symptoms.

CIGB director Eulogio Pimentel said that had enough supplies that “would be equivalent to treating practically all the infected cases that occurred in China” where more than 80,000 people have been infected.

“We think that we are capable of satisfying not only the possible demand in Cuba but also the requests that we are getting from other countries, and that are increasing day by day,” he added.

Cuba has sent a team of doctors and supplies of Interferon B to Italy where it is working alongside Chinese experts to help combat and contain the coronavirus outbreak.

While the first clinical test for a Coronavirus vaccine started in the United States this week, Cuba may have already developed a successful medicine able to cure COVID-19.

The western world has been slow to recognize the potential that this small Caribbean nation is contributing to the biggest challenge the world has faced in a very long time.

It’s almost a miracle Cuba only has four active but not serious infections of Coronavirus. No one died in Cuba from a COVID-19 infection yet. The sick in Cuba include three Italian tourists and one Cuban national with dozens of others quarantined out of precaution with suspected but unconfirmed cases under quarantine.

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The communist Caribbean country was one of the last in the Americas and the Caribbean to report the presence of the infection in its territory.

Cuban doctors are at the forefront, to the point that they have always been sent by their government all over the world to respond to health emergencies. For example, let’s think about the Ebola emergency in West Africa in 2013.

The Cuban Ministry of Health estimates that from the 1960s to today, its doctors have been active on as many as 600,000 missions in 164 countries. Many of them are still active in 67 countries, especially African and Latin American countries.

Radio Havana Cuba is the official government-run international broadcasting station of Cuba. It can be heard in many parts of the world including the United States. The station reported on drugs already developed in Cuba able to cure the virus. This news was also published in Morning Star News in the U.K., China, and Cuba News.

Today, the Cuban Embassy in Rome, Italy, highlighted the offer by the Italian-Cuba Friendship Organization (ANAIC) and the National Coordinator of Cuban Residents in Italy (CONACI) that had sent separate calls to Italian authorities to evaluate the possibility of requesting a contribution from Cuba, with medical personnel and the Cuban antiviral interferon Alfa 2 B, which has been used successfully against # COVID19 in China.

According to reports from China, Alfa 2B contributed greatly to stopping the spread of the virus to a minimum.

If you suspect COVID-19 infection or wish to obtain more information on this disease, please call the Ministry of Health and Child Care on toll free hotline number 2019 for assistance.

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