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Google launches tools to help educators, students stay connected

GOOGLE has launched two new resources to help teachers and students stay connected including a resource for educators called Teach From Home and a $10 million Distance Learning Fund. 

Teach From Home is a central hub of information, tips, training and tools from across Google for Education which aims to help teachers keep teaching even when they’re not in the classroom. 

To start off, the site is providing an overview of distance learning, including information on how to teach online, make lessons accessible to students, and collaborate with other educators.

Built with the support and cooperation of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, Google says Teach From Home is an evolving resource.

Google is continuing to speak to teachers and partners to get feedback on what is most useful so they can build on and improve this.

Teach From Home is currently available in English, with downloadable toolkits available in Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic and Polish, and additional languages coming soon.

As part of Google’s Covid-19 response, it has launched a $10 million (R174 million) Distance Learning Fund to support organisations around the world that help educators access resources they need to provide high quality learning opportunities to children, particularly those in underserved communities. 

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The first $1 million (R17.4 million)  grant is being made to help the Khan Academy provide remote learning opportunities to students affected by Covid-19 related school closures. 

Google volunteers also are planning to help the Khan Academy provide educator resources in more than 15 languages, and through their platform, they will reach over 18 million learners a month from communities around the globe. 

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