Mangwana, Jonathan Moyo in early morning brawl over lockdown

SELF-EXILED former Zanu-PF propagandist Professor Jonathan Moyo and Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana have engaged in a war of words early morning today over President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s lockdown announced last evening.

Mangwana tweeted a quotation from Mnangagwa’s speech where he spoke of the need for a legal instrument to punish those who “cause unnecessary alarm and despondency through social and other media” to which the former Tsholotsho legislator responded saying it was not going to work.

Mangwana: “Legal instruments are being put in place to deal with and punish those who cause unnecessary alarm and despondency through social and other media, during this emergency. We need to act responsibly,” President ED Mnangagwa.

Moyo said: “And you call this gestapo tactic in the digital age, a new dispensation? It won’t work. You will not work. Simple!”

Mangwana retorted: “These legal instruments are being used everywhere from SA to the USA. We haven’t heard you say a word. Does it become Gestapo when it comes to Zimbabwe? Just tweet responsibly Jona.”

Zimbabwe Voice is informed that Section 31 of the Criminal Law Codification Reform Act is now criminalising the publishing of fake information.

“This applies whether one is inside or outside Zimbabwe, and it carries a maximum of 20 years behind bars,” a Harare-based lawyer told Zimbabwe Voice.

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