MDC lost elections fairly, Zanu-PF didn’t rig: Komichi (VIDEO)

THE MDC under Nelson Chamisa lost the by-elections after 2018 fairly to Zanu-PF without any rigging, Senator Komichi has said.

Speaking to Zimbabwe Voice, the new MDC Chairman said it is a false sense of hope to say the elections were rigged.

“No, we were not rigged. Don’t comfort yourself with that, what happened is that the party internal coordination was not right under Chamisa,” said Komichi.

The MDC has been recently losing in by-elections held across the country, with wide margins in rural areas while Zanu-PF has been narrowing the gap in urban by-elections.

The opposition party would blame rigging whenever it loses elections, but Komichi said no rigging whatsoever happened.

Watch the video below:

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