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Cimas announces cover for Covid-19 positive clients

By Tendai Marufu

CIMAS Medical Aid Society has unveiled a package which will cushion clients who test positive for Covid-19 for periods covering subsequent treatment and clearance tests.

Speaking at the launch of the new product in a statement Thursday, Cimas Medical Aid Society managing director Martin Mushambadope said the society was providing this package as part of its robust plan to ensure the safety of its members.

“We have now taken steps to ensure that any of our members who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of the medical aid package they are on, are covered for hospital admission, intensive care, medication and any other procedures related to their COVID-19 treatment up to the benefit limits of their package,” he said.

“We are keen to ensure that members infected with the virus do not have to worry about facing a huge financial burden as a result of their hospitalisation,” he added.

The cover, which is subject to the benefit levels provided for in the member’s medical aid package, includes admission to any hospital approved for COVID-19 patients, treatment in an intensive care unit within the hospital, all prescription drugs in and out of hospital and up to three clearance tests, in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.

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It also includes general practitioner and specialist consultations, pathology tests, ambulance costs and physiotherapy.

Cimas Medical Aid Society

Cimas Chief Marketing Officer Rufaro Masunda said the decision to cover all members for COVID‑19 comes under the measures being taken to safeguard clients in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

“We have been proactive in putting in place safeguards for our staff and members, introducing temperature testing, sanitisers and personal protective clothing for staff at our clinics ahead of the government announced lockdown.

“We have also supported the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries in its coordination of the private sector response to the COVID-19 virus, playing a critical role in ensuring that all support centres receive the equipment and items needed for them to function,” she said.

Masunda added that Cimas has contributed a total fund of $3,‪750 000‬ to the fight COVID-19  which will be channelled to facilities that include St Anne’s Hospital, Mater Dei Hospital, Montague Clinic and various government facilities around the country.

“Our focus during this crisis is to ensure that our members have a place to go when and if they should ever need it,” she added. – Zimbabwe Voice

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