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Mutharika vacates State House after losing election (VIDEO)

By Mutsa Makuvaza

MALAWI’S outgoing President Peter Mutharika has reportedly vacated the Sanjika Palace, the country’s official presidential residence in Blantyre, after he lost the presidential election re-run against fierce opposition rival Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

Although the Malawi Electoral Commission has yet to announce the official results, data collated by the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and private media on Thursday showed that Chakwera had won close to 60 percent of the vote against Mutharika’s around 39 percent.

James Chavula, a journalist and features writer based in Malawi’s capital Blantyre, shared a video of a short motorcade belonging to Mutharika apparently leaving the palace, with no sirenes.

Said Chavula: “There goes Mutharika! The president of #Malawi has vacated Sanjika Palace in Blantyre amid vote counting.

“No sirenes. No police escort. No pomp. No impunity. Just a man heading wherever he will find peace, knowing his nation has rejected him. #GoYeWell #MalawiDecides.”

Mutharika’s party had a few days ago threatened to reject tje election outcome citing intimidation of its supporters by those from the alliance led by Chakwera.

Malawi ruling party warns it will reject opposition win

Meanwhile, the Malawi Electoral Commission has up to 8 days after the voting ends within which to announce the results. – Zimbabwe Voice

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