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Judgement On Nguwaya Bail Application Reserved

THE High Court has reserved judgment on bail application for Drax front-man Delish Nguwaya to the 1st of July 2020.

Nguwaya was denied bail by a Harare magistrate on the 16th of June. However, the superior court has reserved its judgment to thoroughly consider Nguwaya’s application.

It is the state’s case that sometime last year, Nguwaya misrepresented that Drax was a pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland and yet it was merely a consulting firm with no experience in manufacturing drugs and medical products.

The Court papers further allege that during the same year, the businessman and another individual only named as Dedja, who is still at large, showed interest in supplying medicines through a US$20 million loan facility under a company called Papi Pharma.

The move was turned down after a vetting process by the relevant government department.

It is also alleged that after a short while, Nguwaya sent the same documents to the Ministry of Health and Child Care expressing interest in supplying medical products but using a different name, Drax consult SAGL.

Acting on the misrepresentation the Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr. Obadiah Moyo, through the then Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr. Agnes Mahomva initiated a procurement process which involved communication among all the relevant stakeholders, who include the Health Ministry, Finance Ministry, Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) and Natpharm, culminating into a contract of supply of medicines and medical products between NatPharm and Drax Consult SAGL.

BREAKING: Obadiah Moyo faces three counts of corruption

Nguwaya now faces allegations of fraud and was remanded to the 30th of this month.

The lower court Magistrate Muchuchuti denied Nguwaya bail on the basis that he is likely to commit other offenses since he was removed from remand on another case and committed a serious offense which attracted public outcry. — ZBC News Online

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