Octogenarian Rugare Gumbo rejoins Zanu-PF

THE only surviving member of the Dare Rechimurenga, Rugare Gumbo (80) is on his way to bounce back into the ruling Zanu-PF party.

Gumbo – who was controversially fired from the ruling party in the run-up to Zanu-PF’s sham congress of December 2014, at the height of the party’s factional, succession and tribal wars – had last year told media that it was absurd for him to be invited to return to an organisation that he had been part of from his teenage years.

Announcing the comeback, Zanu-PF Acting National Spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, said following the recommendation by the Zanu PF Midlands province to admit the former stalwart into the party, they have no reservations about welcoming him back into the fold.

In a statement this Saturday, Chinamasa said while the final considerations shall be made by the Politburo in its next sitting, as a party they congratulate Gumbo for his decision to return.

“There is no doubt that the party, being the oldest political organization founded by the people for the people would welcome heartily Cde Gumbo back to the revolutionary family he helped to found and to which he was part of at a senior level in the prosecution of the liberation struggle,” read Chinamasa’s statement.

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The readmission follows the return of another Zanu PF party stalwart, Didymus Mutasa recently.

Chinamasa said Gumbo is a tried and tested cadre of the party who has matured and come of age, developing both capacity and culture to deal with its internal contradictions.

“Zanu PF is not like any other mushrooming parties that are busy splitting, rather the party is busy uniting its cadres and its people and the nation at large in fighting colonialism, imperialism, and neo-colonialism under the leadership of His Excellency, President Cde ED Mnangagwa,” said the party’s Acting Spokesperson.

Rugare Gumbo, a former ZANU PF politburo member and party’s National Spokesperson, left Zanu-PF alongside Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Ray Kaukonde among others in 2014.

They were shown the exit door after their Gamatox faction was accused of plotting to unseat the then President, the late Robert Mugabe.

Chinamasa highlighted that though times are difficult in Zimbabwe, Zanu PF will not relent in its promise to achieve its goals as enshrined in the 2018 People’s manifesto to economically empower its people.

He added that the party will not allow temporary disruptions to divert its focus from the social contract that created its symbiotic relationship with the masses.

“We encourage other progressive stalwarts of the party scattered all over to come back to their home, Zanu PF, and redouble our efforts towards realizing the goals of the liberation struggle as encompassed in vision 2030,” he said.

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Gumbo last year categorically declared that he was not prepared to re-join Zanu-PF as a card-carrying member as he was among the party’s founders.

He argued further that he had only been sacked from the party by former president Robert Mugabe because of Zanu-PF’s then unresolved leadership succession wars.
“I am not concerned at all about re-joining Zanu-PF. Some have gone back but mumwe nemumwe anoita zvaanoda (we all have the right to do as we please).

“I am enjoying myself in the terraces, and I am quite comfortable. I am off politics and I will not apply to re-join a party that I suffered for since I was a kid,” Gumbo had said.

Among the expelled Zanu-PF members who have since been re-admitted back into the party, as a result of this new initiative to reunite the former liberation movement, are former senior Cabinet minister and party secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, and retired securocrat Ambrose Mutinhiri – who briefly led Mugabe’s failed political project, the National Patriotic Front (NPF) last year.

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